The Mississippi Queen Barbie Doll
Monday, November 26, 2012 at 02:05PM
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Well, it's not every day, Folks, that a Barbie Doll gets made in your likeness. I have to say, quite honestly, this is something, I never dreamt anyone would do! Extremely flattered, is all I can say, to describe how I felt, when I realized, one of my clients, and her family, had thrown a 'Mississippi Queen birthday themed party', for another member of their family, creating a Barbie doll, in my likeness, which served as the centerpiece for their table. 

Ironically enough, it was the eve of my own birthday, when I first saw the email come through, which included pictures, my client had taken, of this Mississippi Queen party. I was confused, thinking, the 'Mississippi Queen birthday theme', in the subject line, of the email, was intended for my own birthday wishes.  However, it was to show me, how I had been such a huge part of someone else's birthday, and all the while, unknown to me!  

I could not believe my eyes, but, yes, indeed, they had taken a Barbie doll, and made it into the likeness of the Mississippi Queen.  As you can see, she not only has red hair with an infamous flower, and an apron, but she's also, sportin' a pinup dress, like the ones I wear. 

As I sat and looked at this, enjoying one of my 'fishbowl' like, glasses of red wine, my heart was warmed, and spilled over. I am reminded of those feelings, as I write about it, in this blog.  I felt great honor, to see the amount of time, energy, and effort, these kind Folks, put into this party, all in my name! I begin to realize, what my clients did not know, was that by sharing this with me, they had given to me, a very special birthday gift. 

These special moments, are the greatest reward for me, and what keeps me walking the path of my soul, and keeps fire in my soul!  I call myself the Purveyor of Southern Culture, and this is sheer proof, my work is well received, here, on Canadian soil.

I cannot express enough gratitude, that they took the time to share this with me, and to return the favor, I asked the family, for their permission, to be able to share the details, of their party, with you.  When I see such great appreciation, of my Southern culture, displayed here, on Canadian soil, I can't help but want to share, with everyone, especially my own contacts.  

So, here is what they did..... 

These clients, a woman, 'Aunt Anne', and her sister, the wife of the 'birthday boy', came to me, at the Kitchener Blues Festival, this past summer, purchasing some of my Southern Groceries, so they could prepare Southern food, for themselves, at home.  I posed for a photo with them, that day, and these groceries, went on to become key ingredients, in some of the dishes for this party, which was held, as a surprise for the 'Southern food lovin' birthday boy, who normally makes Southern food, on his own! 

Aunt Anne created the Mississippi Queen Barbie doll, and the birthday card, which was the image of me,
with the 'Who is the Mississippi Queen?' poster, but it was Lindsay, the daughter of the 'birthday boy', who created all of the amazing Southern dishes, and decorations for the party. I was quite impressed with the research she committed herself to do, spending vast amounts of time on my website, and educating herself on Southern cuisine.  

Here's what all she made, in her own words: 'a large pot of shrimp boil, buttermilk and cajun marinated BBQ chicken, Andouille sausage, red beans and rice, sweet potato casserole, Kale with beets and bacon, jalepeno cheddar and honey hush cornbread, and buttermilk buscuits with white sausage gravy.  The sweet table had a red velvet cake centre piece, sweet potato pecan pie, rice pudding (in the mason jars), key lime parfaits, bread pudding with a whiskey sauce, southern lemon squares, hummingbird cupcakes (had never heard of hummingbird cake before but from what I read it is a southern classic cake), pecan tarts, and  few types of whoopie pies.  There are also some of my dads favorite treats on the table as well I found a few types of southern cheeses and a fruit plate freaturing southern fruits such as peaches and blackberries.  We had iced tea and lemonade and homemade hurricanes to drink. As you can tell I was having so much fun I got a little carried away.  There are so many delicious southern foods!  But with the food, family and friends came the southern hospitality and relaxed atmosphere.....'  

That's quite the impressive list, coming from Lindsay! I am salivating, just reading it!  I applaud her work, and efforts, put forth into making this party happen, along with her Aunt Anne, and anyone else, who may have had a hand in putting this function together, in celebration of Southern culture, and her Dad's birthday.  

The really cool part, is that Lindsay works in hospitality, at the University of Guelph, where she is an up and coming student Event Manager.  I will not post her email address within this blog, however, if any of you, reading this, has an opportunity, which may require Lindsay's services, please do not hesitate to contact me, and I will put you, in contact with her.  Trust me, she has the Mississippi Queen's Stamp of Approval! 

As always, wishin' ya' lots of good eatin'..... 


Best to ya',

Connie Rouble,

the Mississippi Queen 


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