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Authentic, Southern Style Red Velvet Cupcakes by Mississippi Queen Foods

As a Southerner, I grew up eating Red Velvet Cake, all of my life, and I considered it be my absolute favorite cake.  I always wanted Red Velvet for my birthday, and someone always had one, on the table come Christmastime. 

It is my understanding that the true origins of Red Velvet Cake are not known, but the legend, or tall tale, Down South, is that a Southern woman was visiting New York City's Waldorf Astoria Hotel, and was served Red Velvet Cake during her visit, at the hotel.  

As the story goes, this woman asked the chef for the recipe, and he obliged her request.  However, when the bill arrived at the table, she was charged $200 for the 'secret' recipe.  

To continue the tale, this woman was quite upset, and decided to 'get back at' the chef, by spreading his prized, secret recipe to anyone and everyone she, that's the part that truly makes me believe the story.  I mean, only a Southern woman could be responsible for the spread of the infamous Red Velvet recipe, so quickly across the South, fueling its populartiy!

Further to this, it is also my understanding that Southerners are responsible for the addition of cream cheese to the icing.  Once again, this all, may merely be, Southern Folklore!

Red Food Coloring and cocoa gives the deep, ruby color of the cake, and buttermilk is the secret ingredient that makes it so rich and yummy!  Topped with luscious cream cheese icing, and it is unbelievably good! 

I would like to mention, as well, so not to lose my credibility Down South, traditionally, Red Velvet is always topped with chopped pecans, but I have opted to sprinkle the tops with red sanding sugar, because I have found, at times, many of my clients are ordering Red Velvet Cupcakes, for an event, and they are choosing my Red Velvet Cupcakes, because they are 'nut free'. 

I have been making Red Velvet Cake for many years, and decided to start making them into cupcakes, when I started selling them through my company, Mississippi Queen Foods, because having them as cupcakes was so much easier to deliver to an event, or share.  No looking for a knife, or plates, or even napkins! They were just ready to devourer.

Ironically enough, I have watched Red Velvet Cupcakes become fashionable, here in Toronto.  So much so, I have started saying, 'Yeah, I've been making Red Velvet Cupcakes way before they were cool!'....

Order your very own box of my authentic, Southern style, Red Velvet Cupcakes, and you too, will understand why us Southerners do love them so! 24 cupcakes per windowed box.
Click here to order them online!

Connie Rouble, the Mississippi Queen
Mississippi Queen Foods

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