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One Southerner's Love of Grits & Boiled Peanuts

One of the most difficult things for me to adjust to, living in Canada, was that I was unable to get many of my beloved Southern groceries, such as boiled peanuts and grits, to name a few.  When I would return to Mississippi, from Toronto, to visit my family, I would make sure I had extra space available in my luggage, so I could pack, as much as I could carry, back to Canada with me.

There have been a number of occassions, where I have been hauled in by a Canada Customs agent, because my suitcase was exceptionally overweight, probably thinking he had something much more 'interesting' to be discovered, than several cans of boiled peanuts and box after box of Grits!  I can recall one particular instance that an agent just looked at me and asked, 'are you serious? All of this weight is for boiled peanuts?'  When I shrugged my shoulders and explained, 'I'm from Mississippi', he just waved me on through!

I've met plenty of other displaced Southerners here in Canada, and we have all shared our pain in these very similiar instances.  Do you have any idea just how difficult it is to cook from all of those Junior League cookbooks, when you can't even locate a fraction of the ingredients?

Also, I can't overlook all of those people who have visited the South, and have brought back to Canada, with them, many products, which they cannot get here, or get here very easily.  

Well, I've come to the rescue, with my company, Mississippi Queen Foods.  I have been importing Southern Groceries, Sauces, and Spices, into Canada, and I am pleased to say I am now developing a solid client base of people who love and adore the Southern products as much as I do. I painstackingly, took on the project last year, of putting all of these products, into an online General Store, to make them easier to shop, and purchase, for shipping across Canada.

 I now have shelves packed full of Quaker and Jim Dandy Grits.  I have a stock pile of Cafe du Monde Beignet Mix and Coffee & Chicory.  I now import the entire line of Louisiana Fish Fry Products, so no more doin' without my fish fry batters!  When I want to enjoy some Zatarain's dinner mixes, it's sittin' right there, waitin' for me.  Let's not forget about Tony Chachere's, which I do love!  I have been introducing people to the Andy Roo's line of spices and seasonings, and teachin' them all to Slap Ya Mama and Punch Ya Daddy!  People are now waking up to Community Coffee and French Market Coffee, too.  From Cajun Country, I have brought in Savoie's and Poche's. People now know about Cajun Power, Bayou Butt Burner, and Bayou Pecker Power!

I am very proud to say, I am now shipping Pat O'Brien's products across Canada, and my 'displaced' Texas sisters, here in Toronto, love gettin' their Jiffy Cornbread Mix from me, every month.  I can't seem to keep the Crystal's Hot Sauce in stock, because someone I know claims to drink it by the glass!  

I am so very grateful, for the journey, and where this love and passion has lead me.  I leave next week, headin' Down South, yet again, on another buying trip of Southern goodies. I will have my lists in tow, and when I return, I will be met by many, many smiling faces! 

Oh, how I love what I do!  

Wishin' you lots of good eatin',

Connie Rouble a.k.a. the Mississippi Queen
Mississippi Queen Foods


Authentic, Southern Pecan Pie available in Canada for Thanksgiving!

Mississippi Queen Foods is home of the ‘Slap Ya’ Mamma Two Times’ Good, Southern Pecan Pies!  It’s the place to purchase an authentic, Southern Pecan Pie, in Canada!  Also, that’s pronounced “puh- kawn”, in case you don’t speak Southern! 

A native of Mississippi, currently living in Toronto, Canada, I make authentic, Southern Pecan pies, using lots of love, and, of course, butter and sugar and eggs and vanilla and butter and sugar and dark corn syrup and toasted pecans, to enhance the flavor…all served in a buttery pastry.  Southern Pecan Pie, made by a Southerner; it just doesn’t get any sweeter than that!

As a Southerner, we are known for our love of pecan pies, and consider it a staple in the Southern ‘diet’.  The popularity is due to the abundance of pecans grown throughout the Southern region, with Texas and Georgia being the top producers.  The success of the pecan has been solely American, with the largest export going to Canada (…and possibly the help of Mississippi Queen Foods!).

Ideal pecan growing conditions exist in the South, due to the warm weather, and long growing season, without risk of frost, which is required for pecans to reach maturity.  The pecan nuts are harvested in the fall, from September to November.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Pecan trees are native to the Mississippi floodplain.  I grew up with pecan trees in my front yard in Mississippi, and a pecan orchard lined the winding driveway through my great-grandmother’s property.  However, it is difficult for home growers to produce nuts on trees due to the fact that pecan trees grow to approximately 150 feet tall, with full canopy, but are prone to disease and insects, which can be hard to reach at those heights!

Fall is the time for harvest, coming indoors, and preparation for family gathering at Thanksgiving.  When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of pies!  When I think of pies, I think of my favorite- Southern Pecan Pie!  

You, too, can enjoy an authentic Southern Pecan Pie, for your Canadian Thanksgiving, this year, simply by clicking the link below, to place your order.  

Click here to buy Southern Pecan Pies online!

Check out my Testimonials Page, to see what others are saying about the pies…..


Stealin' Cotton in Mississippi and...Iron Maiden

I grew up in South Mississippi, and most of the cotton was always grown in and around the Delta region.  On a recent driving trip, from Toronto, Canada, down to visit my family in Pearl River County, Mississippi, I was driving from the McNeil area to my Dad's place, in the backwoods of Mississippi, known as Steephollow. Yup, that's right.  I grew up in a 'hollow', just like Loretta Lynn!  

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