The Mississippi Queen does not know how to make a “pee can” pie, and will tell ya’ that!
The Mississippi Queen only knows how to make a “puh- kawn” pie! Yes, there is a difference, and you just have to eat one to understand! Be sure to ask for it by name!

My Southern Pecan Pies are ‘Slap Ya Mamma TWO TIMES’ Good, and that’s real good eatin’!  Don’t you worry ‘bout Mamma. You just wait ‘til she sinks her teeth in that pie!

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 Southern Translation:  pronounced “puh- kawn”

I put a WHOLE lotta love in my Southern Pecan Pies, and I have the pictures to prove it, down the left-hand side of this page……



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My pies will melt in your mouth because they have just the right amount of butter and sugar and eggs and vanilla and pecans and more butter and more sugar and of course, LOVE!  



As you can see, I have a very rigorous testing procedure, to make sure each and every pie meets the Mississippi Queen’s stamp of approval and is good enough for even YOU to eat!


My Southern Pecan Pies are packaged in a windowed pie box, tied with my ‘general store’ ribbon, which makes them well suited for gifting during the holiday seasons.  The pies are freshly made upon order, and they do freeze well.


Don’t miss out on these amazing Southern Pecan Pies, and a perfect opportunity to support Down Home Cookin’!




Wishin’ you lots of good eatin’…..

the Mississippi Queen, Mississippi Queen Foods

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Whenever Mississippi Queen Connie Rouble brings a delectable desert over to JAZZ.FM91 you can be sure she'll return home with an empty plate! Her Pecan pie is rich, sumptuous and savory, clearly the result of superior ingredients. There's fun in her food! Connie taught us how to pronounce Pah-Cahn, in the sweet southern style. Another favorite is the Mardis Gras King cake, which was king size and even featured a tiny "Baby Jesus" baked inside! The Mississippi Queen's cooking is first class and authentic in the tradition only a true daughter of the south could dish up! Seconds and thirds are always in order!

Danny Marks, BLUZ FM, on JAZZ.FM91



Dear Connie - This is Joy's dog, Rugar - I wanted to second that about the Pecan Pies... I sure was happy when my human left the other half (of her last) pie on the counter and forgot to put me in my crate when she went out - Howwwlllllllll! That was a great pie .... I only hope that my human buys me more for Christmas - send her a Christmas reminder would you? I surely think you deserve a 5 out of 5 paw rating! My compliments to the chef!

Rugar, the dog, Oshawa


Holy crap that was a tasty pecan pie!!  Everyone loved it!  Reminded me of my years living in New Orleans, which is mighty high praise.  Your 'Mississippi Queen' moniker is well earned and perfectly coined.  Can't wait to try your Mardi Gras King Cake next!

Chris, Toronto


I relive the deliciousness of your pecan pie every time I see one in a store. You've ruined me, Connie. I will only eat yours! Ha ha! I'm sooo serious.

Paula Nevin, Oshawa


Connie, your pies were a hit for Thanksgiving!  Just wanted to say thanks again for the two paw-kan pies 'cus my family just loved them!!  We loved them too, of course!  

Just got back from doing a Christmas celebration with the family.  We loved your pie, again!  A cousin said that this pie was even better than the other pie I had brought them last time for Christmas.  They all loved it!  We love how the filling is very light and NOT sickly sweet.  I love the way that you toast your pecans first and then add them to the filling, I can tell!  And the pie crust was perfect.  In fact, everything, including the presentation and packaging was so good that they were blown away by the fact that you make this stuff yourself and NOT in a ‘pie factory’, like Willy Wonka!

Theresa, Toronto


In the past week I danced over 7 hours, walked over 15 kilometers, did 5.5 hours of strenuous yardwork and flung heavy stuff for 4 hours helping a friend move - plus other daily activities - that should be enough to compensate for the fact I'm going to eat the WHOLE Southern Pecan Pie I got from the Miss'ippi Queen right? I was going to share, but after one piece lead to half the pie last night, it's not going to be around much longer...

Jenn, Toronto



Hi Connie,

As my mouth is still watering from your delicious Southren Pecan Pie, I just had to drop you a line to tell you (as you already know of course) how amazing your Pecan Pie was. I have never, ever tasted such a delicate crust, and the ingredients in your fresh pie were top notch. This is how I am sure the down southren's make their homemade pies. It literally melted in your mouth and did not have the overly sweet fake taste that store bought and pre-packaged ones sell.

I purchased 2 Teambuys on a whim and I was not disappointed. You have found a customer for life!

Thank you so much for making my father-in-law's birthday/Mother's Day lunch a hit with this delectable mouth watering pie.

See you again soon!

Jennifer, Mississauga, Ontario


The pralines are amazing!!! Thank you so much. Your pecan pie is to die for also.  Can’t wait to place my next order!

Sue, Mississauga