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$45 for King Cake

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It's Mardi Gras season, Ya'll, and this means time to get your beads, and your masks, and doubloons, and of course, your Mardi Gras King Cake, because no Mardi Gras party is complete without an authentic, ‘New Orleans style’ King Cake.

What is ‘King Cake’? King Cake, or Twelfth Night Cake, the celebrated symbol of carnival season in New Orleans, is a Danish dough, or coffee cake that is braided and baked with a cinnamon sugar topping, and then finished with fondant icing (contains almond extract) adorned with decorative sugars, representing the official Mardi Gras colours of purple (for justice), green (for faith), and gold (for power).

In traditional New Orleans fashion, a plastic baby is inserted inside each cake, for some lucky person to find. What does it mean when you find the baby? Well, if you are ‘Down South’, it means you get to host the next Mardi Gras party. Many people, here in Canada, also choose their ‘king’ or ‘queen’ of the party this way. Doesn’t this sound like a lot of fun, already? 

Wondering where you might find such a cake for your party? Well, it is much easier than booking a flight into New Orleans, and of course, much more affordable. Let the Mississippi Queen bring a lil’ bit of Nawlins to ya’, and make you, into the Host, or Hostess, with the Mostess!

I know many of you anxiously await the arrival of Mardi Gras season, so you can get your hands on one of my authentic King Cakes. The only way you can find a more authentic Mardi Gras King Cake, is by booking a flight into Nawlins’, on Fat Tuesday, and eating a king cake, while standing on Canal Street, as you watch the Krewe of Rex, or Zulu, roll on by!

Order one of my King Cakes, and your guests will be impressed that you have not forgotten a thing! They may even wonder when you found the time to fly into New Orleans for a King Cake…wink…wink.

$45 for Mardi Gras King Cake packaged in a windowed cake box Each of my authentic, Mardi Gras King Cakes, includes a plastic baby, and comes packed in a windowed cake box, on a foil covered cake board. Included in the box are doubloons and three strands of throw beads. Each cake serves approximately 15-20 people.

Wishin’ you lots of good eatin’, and a Happy Carnival Season…..

Whenever Mississippi Queen Connie Rouble brings a delectable desert over to JAZZ.FM91 you can be sure she'll return home with an empty plate! Her Pecan pie is rich, sumptuous and savory, clearly the result of superior ingredients. There's fun in her food! Connie taught us how to pronounce Pah-Cahn, in the sweet southern style. Another favorite is the Mardis Gras King cake, which was king size and even featured a tiny "Baby Jesus" baked inside! The Mississippi Queen's cooking is first class and authentic in the tradition only a true daughter of the south could dish up! Seconds and thirds are always in order!

Danny Marks, BLUZ FM, on JAZZ.FM91


The cakes were a great hit today!

Laura, Four Seasons Head Office


Dear Connie,


I just wanted to say thank-you for the wonderful King Cake you created for my proposal defense.  Together with your help, I was able to successfully defend my proposal and I am off to New Orleans on December 1st.  My PhD supervisor, who had been to Mardi Gras a number of years ago, was very excited to see the King Cake and was amazed that I was able to get one here in Ontario.  I also told the student who found the baby, that she is responsible for hosting a Mardi Gras / King Cake party in February.


A very special thank you.  I know you went out of your way to make this for me and I am very appreciative.


I am sure we will run into each other again.


Thanks so much,

Angela in Toronto, who was working on her PhD, in Ontario, presenting her dissertation on Muses, the all woman Mardi Gras Krewe. 



Just wanted to say thank you again for such wonderful products.  Finding the Mississippi Queen was the find of the year!

After picking up my supplies for Mardi Gras it was all I could do not to start eating the cake right away.  All I could smell on the ride home was the delicious smell of the cake.  It was the centrepiece of my Mardi Gras table, and that position was well deserved as it was the highlight of the evening.  Everyone went back for seconds, and sometimes thirds ... and there was no shortage of requests for doggy bags to take some home.  I've had homemade, and store bought King Cake from NOLA and all over - I can say yours really was the best.

All the other products you sold also helped make it an unforgettable meal for my guests.  With your help I made real authentic Cajun creations from scratch ... you had everything I needed to blacken my catfish, make a cajun batter for the alligator, spicy seafood gumbo and sausage jambalaya.  It was funny to watch my guests ask ... "What are you going to do with all those left overs?"  ... all the hinting and nudging lead to care packages to be shared with all (even those who couldn't make it to the party).  I've been swamped with thank you's from guests and second hand recipients all weekend.

So thank you Connie - I'm glad I found you and your store. Your cooking skills and inventory of Cajun culinary delights are fantastic.  A loss for the South, a gain for Canada!

Ya'll a great cook, a great proprietor and a great lady!

Henry, Mississauga


Dear Connie,

Thank you so much for the delicious King Cake. It was a real treat and a fantastic surprise for my husband!

I am very happy to have discovered you online and hope to order from you again in the future! 

I got the baby in my second piece of cake, so it looks like I'm the one who has to order it from you next year! :)

All the best,

Emily, in Toronto


Ok we aren't a minute in the truck and we dig in and wow woman you have something goin on here love it! Thanks for spreadin the love!

Aimee, in Mississauga, originally from Louisiana (after picking up her Mardi Gras King Cake)


Connie is like a warm Southern breeze in this chilly Toronto weather! New Orleans holds a very special place in my heart, and I have ordered her DELICIOUS king cakes for the past four Fat Tuesdays in a row. You can tell that the secret ingredient in her cooking is LOVE, and she's just as passionate about givin' you some Southern hospitality as she is about her amazing food! I DARE you to try her gumbo and not fall in love with Connie, her kitchen and her bright red hair :-)! Tastebuds Please, Belly Filler, Great Results, Personable, and High Integrity.  

Abi, Toronto



For my fellow Torontonians (and surrounding area locals who LOVE New Orleans as much as we do!) A poster led us to a place here in Toronto that makes King Cakes. It's called Mississippi Queen Foods. It's run by a lovely lady named Connie who is from Mississippi, and not only does she hand bake the cakes (with the baby inside!) she also provides access to Nawlins stuff that is so hard to access up here. We ordered a King Cake for Super Bowl Sunday. I wish I could post the pictures I took, coz it tastes as great as it is beautiful (and it's HUGE!) For anyone who is interested in a "Northern Mardi Gras" coz we can't get to New Orleans (sob!) her website is….

You are the best and EVERYONE should know that!!!......

Just wanted to let you know that the cake was AMAZING!!!!!  Didn't think there was any way it could be better than the first one, but you really outdid yourself this time around!  Thank you also for the beads--we have them put aside with our "special beads" that we take in for the winter and hang on the garage in the summer). They will proudly hang there as soon as summer comes (which can't be soon enough!)…..

The King Cake was still warm when Connie brought it to us! Delicious too. Our piece of New Orleans in the frozen North :)

You're wonderful and so is your business!

Variety of quotes and Trip Advisor posts from Alice (a.k.a. Hermicane) & Denise (a.k.a. Deny777), the Two Crazy Sisters from Texas



I can't thank you enough!!  My daughter's Mardi Gras celebration was such fun - the kids loved every part of it and I have you to thank for that!

Julie, in Toronto (originally from the South)


We soooooo enjoyed your King Cake at our Virtual Baby Shower/Snardi Gras!  Thanks for your speedy delivery and awesome service!  It was amazing cake and wonderful to meet you!  Always nice to see a fellow southern belle making the most of this winter wonderland we live in!

Stephanie Chiquette, A Couple of Chicks e-Marketing


Dear Miss Connie,

Thank you kindly, from the Louisiana couple that met in Hawaii, got married in Canada and were so lucky to have found an amazing service that took an order 2 days before their party for awesome King Cakes!

They were a hit, and even the N’awlins locals were very pleased!

It truly complimented the theme of our party- a mixture of cultures melded into one happy family!

Thank you for your prompt responses and timely delivery!


John & Ginger


Hi Connie:  I just wanted to let you know that our party was a huge success and in no small party to your food!  Everyone loved the Jambalaya and of course the King Cake and ice cream!  We finished the Jambalaya and most of our guests asked for a piece of cake to take home.  It was simply gorgeous as well as delicious.  We got the baby by the way, so I guess we will host again next year!  I'm enjoying my Community Coffee right now as I write this.  I can't wait to try the Gumbo and red beans tomorrow for our dinner. I gave out your business cards and I'm sure you will be getting calls from my friends. 

Thanks again for everything - I couldn't have done it without your help!  I have to go and have a piece of that cake now - I hear it calling my name! 

Happy Mardi Gras! 

JoAnne, Toronto


Hi Connie, 
Thank you so much.......My Mom, who is from New Orleans, really was surprised and enjoyed the king cake.

Tiffany S., Toronto


My Canadian co-workers got a kick out of the cake and beads...the "baby" went with us to the casino that night and was quite lucky for us  :)  Lots of fun!

Thanks again.

Mary (visiting Toronto from Dallas)


The cakes were a huge hit! My coworkers thought I was nuts to get the three cakes, but it's all gone with a couple of pieces saved for people who were not in today.
And they loved trying to find the baked baby.
Thanks so much!

Jeannie, Toronto


Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that the King Cake was a hit….thank you for making a fun day!

Donna, Toronto


The king cake was fantastic! Really delicious. Thank you so much. We really enjoyed it and we had a great evening.

Natasha, Mississauga