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Savoie's ™ Old Fashioned Light Roux- 16 oz.

Roux is the foundation of many Cajun dishes. It's a mixture of flour and oil slowly cooked to perfect uniform brown color. Roux is one of those ingredients that sets Cajun cooking apart from any other in the world. Such delicacies as Gumbo, Etouffee, Stews and Gravies, all begin with a good Roux. Savoie's Roux has been made according to the most traditional method.

Why is the quality and the flavor of Savoie's Roux so unique? Three reasons: First of all, we have been making and selling Roux longer than anyone. We have the experience. Secondly, we use the best ingredients. We use cotton seed only, instead of soybean oil, even though cotton seed oil costs twice as much. However, over the decades of making Roux, we have learned that it does not pay to cut corners. Cotton seed oil makes a better, more consistent, superior tasting Roux. The third reason that makes our Roux so unique, is our cooking process. Our custom made black iron pots mimic the way our ancestors stirred Roux on their cook tops.

Light Roux - Some recipes, such as Etouffee and Bisques, call for a milder flavor and a lighter color. Savoie's Light Roux is perfect for those occasions.

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