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Oak Grove Smokehouse Creole Jambalaya Mix- 7.9 ounce bag

Here's what  Oak Grove Smokehouse has to say 'bout Jambalaya......and if you check out their website, you can even find some recipes on how to use their Jambalaya Mix, to make one mean pot o' Jambalaya....

'Rice, seafood and seasonings repeatedly appear in the foods of South Louisiana.  Jambalaya is a rice main dish made with almost any meat or seafood and most often combines several kinds of each.  Highly seasoned with onions, herbs and pepper, it is a delicious way to serve bits of leftover meats.  Long ago, jambalaya was cooked outdoors in large, black iron pots over open flames and stirred with boat paddles.  This is true even today at many of the fairs and festivals of the area.  With OAK GROVE SMOKEHOUSE CREOLE JAMBALAYA MIX, this authentic, flavorful dish can be created with a minimum of time and effort.  Serve with garlic-buttered French bread and tossed salad for a meal you will want to repeat time and time again!'

Item Code: OAKJAM  PLU #1144