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"Louisiana" Brand Tabasco Peppers in Vinegar- 6 oz. bottle

"Louisiana" Brand Tabasco Peppers are the perfect finishing touch to salads, barbeque, and party food.  Also, a great addition to soups, sauces, gravies, and stews.  Plump, ripe, jalapeno peppers lazily bathe in a special blend of vinegar, seasoning, and garlic, for a delightfully hot taste.  Ideal for chili sauce, hot dogs, hamburgers, and nachos.  





Louisiana ™ The Original Louisiana Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce is the original hot sauce of Louisiana, a distinction that no other hot sauce can make. There are lots of imitators. Look alike bottles. Look alike labels. But they never, ever duplicate the taste. Louisiana brand Hot Sauce. The one with the red dot. Still the Original.

Although dozens of imitators have used the "Louisiana" name to promote their hot sauce products, many of them aren't made in Louisiana and most are not certified Cajun hot sauces. Blended from authentic long cayenne peppers, Louisiana Hot Sauce is the first and the best. Our cayenne chile peppers are sun-ripened, carefully selected, and handpicked.

The peppers are aged for at least one year, like a fine wine. Not too hot, not too mild - our sauce is great as a condiment on dozens of foods or in many recipes. Drizzle on dogs, splash on burgers, dash on eggs, shake on fries, sprinkle into stews and soups, rub on meats and fish. Add Louisiana Hot Sauce to casseroles and gravies. This versatile condiment can pep up almost any meal. There's only one ORIGINAL Louisiana Hot Sauce, and this is it!

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