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Emeril's ™ Bayou Blast Essence- 3.45 oz. 

Bayou Blast spices up dishes with ingredients that reflect the richness of Creole cooking, the round, mellow flavors of Italy, the complexity of Asian cuisine and the down home goodness of the American southwest.

Item Code: EBBE




Emeril's ™ Original Essence- 2.8 oz.

The secret to good cooking is in the seasoning.  My original Essence is perfectly balanced, a blend of spices and herbs to complement meat or fowl, fish, veggies and pasta.  I use it on everything but ice cream.  Put some in a bowl and keep it handy on your counter.  Sprinkle generously before cooking.  Add oil and use as a marinade.

- Emeril

Ingredients: Salt, paprika, black pepper, granulated garlic, onion powder, other spices.

Item Code: EOE