Southern Supper with Sean Pinchin- December 13, 2017
Monday, November 13, 2017 at 10:31PM
The Mississippi Queen in Mississippi Queen Foods, Music, Southern Supper Series

JUNO Nominated (2017) Sean Pinchin is what I like to call one of those raw, stripped down, 'real deal' players, who even records lots of his tracks, fully 'off the floor'. His lyrics are about his own, personal struggles, and journey, and he's one helluva picker. 

He intends to do a fully acoustic show, on steel guitar with a suitcase bass drum. 
He's received lots of recognition, and praise, for his CD recordings, and his most recent release, 'Monkey Brain', was recorded with Juno Award Winning Producer, Rob Szabo.  Sean received a JUNO Nomination for this release.  

His style of music is 'old school', American Roots, and Blues, and his 'off the floor' style, will make him right at home, performing, at Mississippi Queen Foods, for Southern Supper. 

Maple Blues Award Nominated for 'Best New Artist'. 

Our special menu for this Southern Supper, will include:  Chicken & Dumplin's; Baked Mac & Cheese; Black-eyed Peas cooked with bacon; Buttermilk Biscuits; Pecan Pie; Sweet Iced Tea; & Cafe du Monde Coffee & Chicory.  

Licensed Event.  

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