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Blue Runner ™ New Orleans Spicy Cream Style Red Beans - 16 oz.

Enjoy the rich, creamy goodness of Blue Runner's New Orleans Spicy Cream style red beans. And best of all, Blue Runner makes it easy.

Simply add up to 1/4 can of water to desired consistency. Heat and serve over rice or pasta. Blue Runner red beans taste great right out the can, and even better when served with your favorite sausage.

Item Code: BLRRBS





Boscoli Family ™ Italian Olive Salad - 16 oz.

An integral part of New Orleans' world famous cuisine, this mixture of green and black olives, capers, giardiniera (pickled vegetables) and a blend of herbs and spices, is packaged in 100% imported Boscoli Family Olive Oil. Traditionally served on a New Orleans "Muffuletta" sandwich, it can also be used in salads, pastas, panini or used as a pizza topping.

Item Code:  BFIOS01  PLU #1102




Café Du Monde Beignet Mix - 28 oz.

In New Orleans nothing goes better with cafe' au lait than beignets. Beignets are puffy square French doughnuts covered in powdered sugar. 28oz. box.

Item Code:  CMBM



Café Du Monde Coffee and Chicory Regular - 15 oz.

Our rich blend of dark roasted coffee and chicory is available in regular.  

Item Code:  CMCC




Cajun Power ™ Garlic Sauce

This sauce is what made Cajun Power famous. Chef Caro's original recipe garlic sauce is not hot, but perfectly seasoned. Every 8 oz. bottle has two ounces of squeezed garlic in it. It's so versatile you can use it for cooking, marinating, seasoning, or pouring right out of the bottle on your favorite foods. It tenderizes meat and makes a beautiful brown gravy. This original recipe garlic sauce has been imitated by many but never matched. With a rich flavor, it is the foundation of every great Cajun Power product!

Item Code: CPGS




Cajun Power ™ Spicy Garlic Sauce- 8 oz.

A seafood lover's dream sauce for fried fish, shrimp and oysters. Mix with ketchup and a little horse-radish for a wonderful cocktail sauce. Makes perfect chicken wings.

Item Code: CPGSS




Colgin ™ Original Recipe Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke- 4 oz. bottle 

This is the original recipe by Colgin, Natural Hickory. In 1869 the first smokehouse was built in Mexia, Texas. Colgin is the all-natural liquid smoke with no additives or preservatives. Colgin is Vegan, contains no animal byproducts and is gluten free. Colgin is the instant answer for adding smoke flavor to almost any food that would benefit from real smoke flavor and aroma. Create a gourmet flavored dish with just a few shakes! Perfect cooking sauce for easy oven, charcoal or gas grill cooking. Dash or brush it on steaks,chicken,hamburgers, or hot dogs for a tangy outdoor smoke flavor. Excellent for seasoning soups, gravies, sauces, baked beans, salads, dips, seafood, eggs, or poultry or wherever smoke flavor is desired!

Water, Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor, Vinegar, Molasses, Caramel Color and Salt

Item Code: CNHORL


Crystal 'Extra Hot' Hot Sauce 

For those hot sauce lovers who prefer more heat, this 'Extra Hot' Hot Sauce, from Crystal has three times the heat of their regular Hot Sauce.  

Item Code:  CRYXTRA