All Things Southern
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The most common greens eaten in the South are collards, mustards and turnips.  All of these are greens in the cabbage family that do not form a compact head.  Southerners love their greens and in the South a large quanity of greens (enough to serve a family) is commonly referred to as a 'mess o' greens'.  The exact quantity that constitutes a 'mess' varies with the size of the family.

The traditional way to cook greens is to simmer them slowly with a piece of salt pork or ham hock for a few hours until they are tender.  Typically greens are served with freshly baked corn bread to dip into the potlikker, which is the highly concentrated vitamin-filled broth left over in the pot.  According to folklore, collards served with black-eyed peas and hog jowl on New Year's Day promises a year of good luck and financial reward.