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I started Mississippi Queen Foods as a company on Canadian soil, in Toronto, Canada, after I had lived here for almost ten years, as a Mississippi native.  Torontonians helped give life to Mississippi Queen Foods, because of the overwhelming interest in diverse cultures and palates, which I found here.  However, I was unable to find any connection to my own……

Trying to fill a void in my own life, and satisfy my own cravings (pun intended), I took skillet in hand, and decided that Torontonians needed some ‘religion’ on Southern cookin’.  I then, assumed the role as ‘preacher’, and began dishing up vittles to make any self-respecting Southerner proud.  

What started out as hospitable dinner invitations, to feed hungry family and friends, whom I found to be hungry, as well, for the information I was sharing about my own culture and traditions, soon grew to the point where people were inquiring about whether they could purchase, or take home, a little extra, or lagniappe, of what they had been served that evening.  

It was at this point, that I started to be called upon as a ‘resource’ or checkpoint for the people around me, who wanted more information about my Southern culture, and I was more than happy to be of service.  By no means do I consider myself any expert, but I have embraced my self-appointment, as the Mississippi Queen, and the ‘go to’ person amongst many, for Southern culture.

As a passionate labour of love, Mississippi Queen Foods, began as a unique food service, specializing in the delivery of Southern ‘freshly prepared and frozen’ foods, but has continued to grow each year, and now includes many other offerings.  

Mississippi Queen Foods provides catered services, and ‘drop off’ party trays, and still continues to pack freezers full of the frozen food line.  An authentic Mardi Gras party is impossible without one of my authentic Mardi Gras King Cakes, and ‘direct from New Orleans’ Mardi Gras Supplies. Thanksgiving sees the beginning of my Southern Pecan Pie season, which ends in late December, after Christmas.  Summer rolls around, and I take my kitchen outside for the outdoor festivals and events.  

The General Store has developed as an online ‘one stop’ shopping resource for displaced Southerners, and transplants, and lovers of Southern food and merchandise.  Here you will find Gifts from Down South, such as blues music and cookbooks, to Southern groceries, sauces, and spices!  Plus, there are always a few surprises, brought back from one of my ‘buying trips’ down South!  Be sure to check back often.  

Today, I consider myself a Purveyour of Southern food and merchandise, and I am quick to tell people, ‘I’m not a chef, or even a cook.  I simply learned off Granny’s apron strings.  I’m peddling my culture’.  
I would like to thank my family, friends, and my clients, for without your continued support; words of encouragement; and gracious acceptance of those initial dinner invitations, Mississippi Queen Foods would never have been possible.  You have provided me the opportunity to walk the path of my soul, and for that, I am especially grateful.

On behalf of Mississippi Queen Foods, I appreciate your business, and wish you lots of good eatin’!


President, and the Mississippi Queen

Mississippi Queen Foods
Proud member of the Southern Foodways Alliance